The Future of PR

I first heard about PR when I was in year 13. I knew I wanted to go to university, but I had absolutely no idea what to study. The first UCAS deadline had been and gone and the next deadline was just around the corner and I spent my evenings trawling through courses trying to force myself to want to study ‘The Chinese Language’ or ‘David Beckham Football Studies’, but it just wasn’t working for me.

My dad is the reason I discovered PR; my mum and elder sister are teachers and my dad is involved in Marketing. He’d regularly tell me that I’d be good at PR as it involves writing and talking, and I can happily write for ages and talk for ages…and ages…and ages. As the realisation that another year was about to go by and my life was still not working itself out, I had a look into PR courses; skip forward a bit and here I am! First year PR student at Southampton Solent University studying something I had absolutely no idea about a year and a half ago, but hey! I’m loving every second. (Even the soul destroying Turnitin…)

Thinking about how unaware I was of the world of PR just a year and a half ago, it makes me wonder how much more I’ll have learned in a year and a half’s time and how the PR world will have evolved.

I’ve always been a strong social media lover; always tweeting, reading through hashtag trends and a self proclaimed queen of Facebook stalking. The impact social media has on the PR world is crazy. From viral videos of strangers kissing for the first time on camera (here), to tricking innocent coffee drinkers that the crazy woman in the corner has kinetic powers (here), the power of social media means millions of people can view something in a matter of hours. I wouldn’t have known about the Carrie re-make had it not been for the coffee shop video. Great PR riiiight there. How did PR people get their events/products/films out there before social media took over our lives?!

So what is the future of PR in terms of social media? Is it even technologically possible to develop it even further? How long will it take for Twitter to end up in the ditch alongside Bebo and MySpace?

Comment below your ideas on the future of PR in the social media world (I’m sure Miley Cyrus has a lot to say)…

Liv xo

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