my top 3 blogs for every PR girl!

I love reading about different PR girls all around the world; how they got into PR, their different internships & jobs and most of all – any tips for future PR girls (like myself!)

I’ve made a top 3 of my fave PR girl blogs, 2 of which come from the USA and 1 from Canada. Even though I’m from the UK, it doesn’t hurt to read about other girls’ experiences and after finishing uni in Southampton, my aim is to go over to the states to either carry on studying or get some PR experience over there – exciting times!

3) acorn-oak-new

Authors, Amanda & Tina, set up this blog in 2013 blogging about lifestyle and career development advice for professionals heading into the PR world! From Freelance 101 to Friday Favourites, these girls cover more or less everything any PR girl is interested in. They’ve started a monthly feature called PR Girl of the Month that I love, where they do a Q & A with an upcoming PR girl about how she got in to PR, her advice for other aspiring PR girls, etc! Find this months PR girl, Melissa Ariganello, here and the Acorn & Oak bloghere!


logo (1)

This was the first PR girl blog I came across about 2 years ago when I first started looking into studying PR. These girls have a great guide section showcasing a collection of posts suitable for PR girls at any stage in their career; ‘the basics’, ‘still in school’, ‘just graduated’ and ‘want to switch careers’. With this guide, any aspiring PR girl can find a blog post that will answer at least one question they were dying to know the answer for! They’re honest – with posts about salaries in PR and an intern survival kit – and easy to read. The blog post I found most helpful and interesting from the nyc PR girls was 10 Signs PR is the Right Job For YouAfter reading it to find 99% of the points rang entirely true with me (working on the weekends didn’t quuuiiiitee fill me joy!!) I was so so so excited to get started on my career path! 

1) paige_header

Coming across Paige’s PR blog was a total god send. It’s the most down to earth, honest and useful PR blog I’ve read yet! I found this blog not long after I’d decided the niche of my blog would be PR, and the first post of hers I’d read was; How To: Blog Your Way To Success. Umm…perfect! Paige gave some fabulous advice, in such an easy to read, no nonsense and easy to follow format – the key to a successful blog in my eyes! Another post Paige did really interested me as, I’ll admit, I’m quite interested nosy about how people got into the careers they’re doing, why they’re studying what they’re studying, what they studied at GCSE, what they had for breakfast…ahem…you catch my drift! Paige did a blog post on How I Became a PR Girl which was so interesting and motivating to read (stay posted as I’ll be sharing my own story soon!) If that’s not enough, Paige’s blog is also super pretty…check it out here!

So these are my personal fave PR girl blogs which have really inspired and motivated me with my own PR dreams. Have you get any more must reads? I’d love to check them out!

Liv xo

7 thoughts on “my top 3 blogs for every PR girl!

  1. I am a PR student. Just like you, I also love reading about different PR girls all around the world, practically fashion PR pros. It is very interesting to read about other PR professionals’ experiences, and I can learn a lot from their blog posts. I checked out the NYC PR GRILS blog, and I really like it. Like you said, they “have a great guide section showcasing a collection of posts suitable for PR girls at any stage in their career,” and they are honest while their posts are easy to read. I will start checking their blog regularly, so thank you so much for you recommendation!

  2. Thanks for your post! I am a public relations student soon-to-be graduate and am always looking to expand my PR knowledge. I am relatively new to the blogging scene especially the PR blogging scene so I will definitely be checking these out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love nyc pr girls it’s got so many helpful tips (including tips not related to pr!) it’s perfect for when my brain needs a little rest from everything.
    I’ll definitely be checking the others out too!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, it’s great to read when you fancy a quick break from work or something! 🙂

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