students: how to be productive over the 3 month summer

So here I am, first year of university over!

Unlike a lot of my friends, I didn’t have exams so finished a lot earlier, which leaves me with 3 months ‘holiday’. I can already tell it’s going to be reaaallly easy to waste these days in bed re-watching old seasons of Pretty Little Liars (in preparation of the new season coming out June 10th!!!) but some way, some how, I’m going to have to motivate myself to be somewhat productive with my time. So, I’ve come up with a few ways that any students in my position can make sure their summer isn’t a complete write off!

1) Get Fit, But Save Money!

A Motivational Poster I Made!
A Motivational Poster I Made!

Even though the weather doesn’t quite want to show it, it is technically the beginning of Summer in England now. I can’t afford to get a gym membership right now, so the wii fit and 30 day fitness challenges are my new bffl. These are free, fun and money saving ways to get a bit fitter before the summer hols. The old fashion run, bike ride or youtube fitness video in the garden are equally just as good! Switch that Subway for a salad and you’ll feel so much better in yourself! As most students will probably tell you, alcohol is your total worst enemy when it comes to putting on weight, so working off those vodka pounds is my first summer aim!

2) You Don’t Want To Hear It But…Get A Job

Get A Job As A Waitress..Who Knows, Chad MM Might Drop By...
Get A Job As A Waitress..Who Knows, Chad MM Might Drop By…

I’m currently on the job hunt and, quite frankly, it is soul destroying. I have 2 jobs at uni – Solent Press Editor and Solent TV PR Officer. Even though I’m doing some work on them over summer, I can’t get paid until I go back to uni so, that will be a nice bonus in September, but until then, I’ve got to think of an alternative. I wasn’t brought up in a family where you have to get a job at 15 and pay for more or less everything yourself, which I’m hugely grateful for, but after my gap year where I was earning my own money and didn’t  have to rely on my parents at all, I feel like a charity case now having to ask for petrol money every week! I’m finding it really really hard to find a job that will employ you for just holidays so please please please, if anyone has any job advice, comment below!

3) Internships

interns wanted
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No matter what your course is, work experience will never ever go a miss, even if it’s just a week at your mum or dad’s work! All experience is good experience. If it’s not paid, I’d recommend to just go for it, as long as it’s only for 1-2 weeks as a whole summer’s unpaid experience might not go down well with your bank account!! Check out some more tips I wrote about internships here!

4) What Have You Always Wanted To Do…

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You have 3 months! Thats 12 weeks! Go camping, go to a theme park, do a music set at your local pub! The world is truly your oyster in this time off- go for it! The worst thing would be getting to September and feeling like you’ve wasted 3 months of your life.

5) Read A Book, That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Your Course


Over the past year, you’ve probably had to force yourself to read a book of ‘Marketing Strategies’ or ‘Ancient History’ which would put anyone off of reading just for fun. Find a series, such as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, and make it your mission to finish them over the break. If the sun does decide to come out and actually stay out, you’ll feel way more productive lounging around in the garden with a book (whilst maybe acquiring a tan!) than sitting in your cave bedroom with closed curtains all day.

So there’s what I hope to achieve this summer! What do you guys plan on doing? Any tips on what I could be doing would be fab!

Liv xo

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3 thoughts on “students: how to be productive over the 3 month summer

  1. I definitely understand your struggle with finding a summer job! I’ve applied to so many places, but I haven’t come across a single one interested in hiring someone seasonally. Good luck, though!

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