“where’s the party at?” – my life as an ESFP

I was first introduced to the Myers-Briggs personality test whilst studying a Communications in Organisations unit on my PR course. Before I did the test, I had absolutely no idea it would be so accurate! Seriously, it was like reading the dictionary definition of myself. I got my family and my flatmates to do it too, to see if theirs was just as accurate, and they completely were.

ESFP stands for; Extroversion (over Introversion), Sensing (over Intuition), Feeling  (over Thinking) and Perceiving (over Judging).


‘For ESFP personalities, life is a never-ending party.’

Anyone who has read my blog before will know that going out is my utmost favourite past time. If I counted up all the money I’ve spent on pre-drinks, getting into clubs, drinks in clubs and taxis throughout this first year at uni, I would probably have roughly an extra grand or more to my name. (This thought depresses me a lot, so I tend to not think about it..!) This year, I managed to sort out the work/play balance, but, having fun will always be more appealing to me than doing anything that requires brain power.

‘An ESFP has no clearer telltale than spending the last hour talking about everything but the topic that was supposed to be the main reason for the conversation.’

So, translated, ‘can talk about total shit for an abnormally long time’ –  a lot of my sentences start with ‘this one time..’ My most commonly used sentence is “there was something I wanted to say to you but I forgot” – there is literally just too much going on in my mind to remember it all and I often try to get it allll out at once which leaves people looking at me like ‘what the heck is coming out of her mouth…’

‘The earthy and often unique wit of ESFPs is a perfect symbol of their playfulness.’

Obviously in no way wish to blow my own trumpet, as such, but making people laugh does kinda come naturally to me. However, my dad frequently informs me ‘your quick witted tongue is going to get you a punch in the face one of these days’ – so we all look forward to that. My sense of humour tends to be fairly sarcastic, so soz if that offends ya.

‘The main weakness for many ESFPs is their spontaneity’

Yes, yes, yessssssssssss. I tend to live by the phrase ‘spontaneity is key’ (mostly when I’m using it as an excuse to get drunk on a monday night). This is a big weakness of mine, though, as it means a spontaneous night out will lead to a spontaneous not going to uni the next day which isn’t great.

I am the middle child of 3 girls, and I got them to do this test too, and they came out as ISFJ and INFJ, which as you can tell, are fairly different to my ESFP. In my family, I’m considered the..umm..annoying one (goodness knows why?!!) but it’s usually because, where my sisters are content just chilling reading a book or watching a programme, I always fancy a bit of interaction, and apparently bursting into someones room, talking at a million miles an hour and trying to get them to chill with me is annoying?!?!? 😉 We looked at the Harry Potter personality types  and I, as an ESFP, came out as Fred & George Weasley, my elder sister Neville Longbottom and my little sister Remus Lupin! 

So yeah, there’s me pretty much summed up to a T. The test showed me a lot about myself that I never really thought had meaning behind it before, for example, the ESFP description says; ‘they would rather rely on their luck or ask other people for help than spend time trying to understand a complex theory‘ which I do alll the time, and previously, I thought this was just because I was lazy and a bit dumb, but turns out this is just my personality so I can carry on being lazy…! 😉

If you’re interested in finding out your personality type, you can find the test here – you just have to answer some multiple choice questions. I found this website really helpful too as it goes into details about your personality type, as well as information about career paths, relationships etc.

What’s your personality type? Do you think it fits you well?

Liv xo

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