students: how to get beach body ready without a gym! #3

This is now the 3rd installment of my journey to a holiday body! I’ll admit, I did really well the first 2/3 weeks, then my birthday weekend came around and I fully fell off the bandwagon with takeaways and cider (far too much cider) and I never quite got back on. However, every day is a new day (wow – didn’t think you’d hear such outstanding wisdom on my blog did ya!!!) and I’d like to share with you the different healthy meals I’ve been making from the comfort of my own home without any bought diet supplements etc etc.

I’ve been using the app and website Nutracheck alongside home workouts (that you can read all about in my previous post here) to keep track of how many calories I’m consuming against how many calories I’m burning. 

So here are the main meals for a typical day when I’m sticking to my guns and being healthy!


Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad

For this fruit salad, I just used whatever happened to be in the fruit bowl – satsuma, apple and pineapple. Before, I’ve used mango and watermelon (my faves) but still just as healthy with any kind of fruit! I’m not a big fan of breakfast; I don’t like starting my day feeling full and I also prefer to save my calories for dinner in the evening. In my opinion, nothing worse than getting to 11am and finding you’ve used up all your calories for the day! I know they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’m not disputing that at all, but I find you don’t need toast or cereal (or anything carb-y!) to still have that kickstart.

Nutracheck Calories: 111


Scrambled Egg | Salmon | Salad
Scrambled Egg | Salmon | Salad

This is a super quick lunch, and I make it super tasty by adding a few herbs from the garden! My favourites are chive and parsley, but I’ve used mint, coriander and garlic before and they all taste just as good. In the salad I put spring onion just for a bit of extra flavour too! I buy salmon trimmings as they are sooo much cheaper than normal smoked salmon, and there is no different in taste or quality whatsoever!

Nutracheck Calories: 250


Salmon & Cucumber Sushi
Salmon & Cucumber Sushi

I LOVE sushi and since returning from uni for summer, I decided to start making my own. It’s not as tricky as I thought it would be, although my rolls do tend to fall apart a teeny tiny bit…! When you use the right fillings, sushi can be a really healthy meal. Even though it doesn’t look much, it is filling and enough for a main meal. I use salmon and cucumber in my sushi but you can make just vegetable ones, too, or chicken.

Nutracheck Calories: 409

So there you go, a few ideas for a healthy day – and you’ve only consumed 770 calories, so you can afford for a few snacks such as sunbite crisps (120 kcals per pack) or a sneaky Aero yoghurt (94 kcals per yoghurt).

Another thing to really watch out for is liquid calories! If you’re anything like me, you kind of forget drinks have calories too (even vodka, unfortunately). My trick is to try and stick to water and use drinks as a treat too, such as a Costa frappe (368 kcals). I’ve started buying sparkling water as it’s a bit more exciting than tap water, and adding mint and lemon herbs from the garden. Really tasty! 

All the calories on this post have been worked out  on the Nutracheck app – they have food and drinks from more or less every place you could think of on their database, such as costa frappes! So helpful for when you’re out and about and want to double check calories.

Hope everyone’s lovin’ their beach body journey so far! And remember, it’s not too late to start. Download the Nutracheck app for a free 7 day trial 🙂

Liv xo




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