type A personality? PR could be for you!

This article from PR Daily got retweeted on to my timeline today, 10 signs you should work in PRThe first point is that ‘You’re Type A’, which threw me off a bit as I’ve never heard of Type A (unless its to do with blood types, and somehow I don’t think that relates to PR!) so I googled it and found out people have either a Type A or B personality. I’ve been a huuuuge fan of personality tests ever since I did the Myers-Briggs test and my result sounded like a dictionary definition of myself, so did a Type A/B personality test straight away.

This is the test I did, and it had a selection of questions which I quickly learned had an answer for a more outgoing, hard working personality type, a chilled out, calmer personality type and one in between. As I’m quite the extrovert, with an ESFP personality type, my answers were the ones such as ‘I’m often told I talk too much’ (ahem…) and ‘I’m never late for appointments’.  The results told me this meant I’m a Type A – I scored 229 out of a range of scores from 35-380 and the higher scores are Type A, and the lower scores Type B. 

So, back to the signs you should work in PR article, the first statement stated:

‘If you’re that student who always takes the lead in group projects because you don’t trust anyone else to get the job done, PR is for you. If you put all those type A students from high school or college into an auditorium together, you’d be looking at the next generation of PR professionals. (And a really bossy crowd.)’ which I relate to pretty well!

Read the article (link in the first paragraph) to find out more about whether PR is for you. I related to 7 out of the 10 pretty well, so I’m feeling confident I’ve chosen the right degree right about now! If you don’t know whether you’re Type A or B, find that out too – it really says a lot about the type of person you are! If you’re interested in personality types, read my blog post on the Myers-Briggs personality test that you can find here!

Liv xo

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