Survive dry January with Shloer’s #Shloermergency campaign


A student’s famous last words post Christmas and NYE celebrations: right, that’s it, there is absolutely no way in HELL I am drinking for AT LEAST the whole of January, and that’s if I even ever drink ever again ever..aand cue dry January.  This year, Shloer have come up with a dry January focused campaign, have a read…

As far as campaigns go, I think this ones quite fun. Shloer have come up with an Ultimate #Shloermergency Guide as well as keeping the campaign active with tips and advice on getting through dry January on their social media sites.

As a student who’s hungover housemate trekked to Asda in the rain to buy Shloer on Friday to deal with the pain, I can imagine this campaign has probably kicked off quite well – especially amongst the student population, like myself. In terms of health benefits, ermmm did someone say Shloer Light is only 22 calories per 100ml?! Yes they did, and my takeaway filled stomach is crying out for some. Plus, who else was allowed Shloer in a wine glass on Christmas day as a ‘grown up treat’?! Hello, nostalgia.

Check out more about the campaign here!

I was asked to write this post, but I love both the campaign and the drink!

Liv xo


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