You’ve got a job in PR…but what do you actually do?!

Hello you lovely PR lot! This blog post is coming from a small town near Toulouse where I have been holiday-ing for the last week. Ive officially been working in a PR & Communications role for more than a month so I thought this gave me solid ground to give you an insight into what an actual real life PR role can involve…

Social Media 

I’m fairly certain this won’t be a shock to you all, but a big part of my role is managing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I’ve been able to be creative with this role so far which I’ve obvs enjoyed; speaking with people from various departments to see if there’s anything interesting going on, dressing up the Marketing team (and CEO!) in Olympic style clothes and putting on a (somewhat staged and amateur) Olympics for photos as well as collecting Testimonials. 

Press & Media Relations 

I’ve found this to be the most stressful side of my job so far – triple checking press releases for accuracy, making sure the right journos are being sent the releases, taking note of out of office replies and re-sending to someone else relevant from the publication…pressure! But worthwhile when radio and newspaper coverage come about…even if my dreams are filled of my CEO missing the call from the radio just as she’s meant to be on air the night before! (All went swimmingly FYI).

Taking Photos 

Yup, taking photos and them actually being decent enough to publish can now be added to my CV. This is a part of my role I didn’t actually expect, but I’m really enjoying it. The other Friday I got to leave work early to go and take photos for an upcoming press release. I got to meet interesting people and use some creativity for the photos. Lovely! This hasn’t happened yet, but soon I will get to meet and photograph Doug the Pug…super excited for that! 

If any of that appeals to you, either a) stick with your PR course or b) find a PR course to study asap! 🙂

                                    Liv xo 

P.s this is what my life currently looks like!

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