THE PR Q&A: Experience over degree?


The first instalment of my brand new blog series is here!

I received an email from a Marketing & Events student this week, and she asked a question that I asked myself a lot throughout my time at university:

“I am a second year Marketing & Events Management student. I was wondering if the experience is more important than the degree when it comes to getting a job?”

Great question! In short, yes. I do think experience is more important than the degree. I do think it’s important to do well in a degree for it to be worthwhile and it certainly will contribute to being more attractive to future employers, but most often, industry experience is what employers will be interested in.

It’s not all about having the knowledge – which studying for a degree gives you – but it’s also about being able to apply that knowledge to a real like work place, which is what work experience gives you.

Also, doing something unrelated to your degree after graduating is fine, and very common, but getting work experience in that sector will give you a push when applying for jobs. I do recommend doing work experience in your ideal sector during uni holidays just so you can get a feel for it and it will also give you a headstart once you’ve graduated.

What do you guys think? Is experience more important than the degree? Let me know your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “THE PR Q&A: Experience over degree?

  1. Really the question should be experience or education, rather than specifically degrees. It could be argued that the PR industry’s push towards diversifying new hires may deem the degree irrelevant in a few years time, but for the moment a degree still sets people apart in this industry.

    When I entered the industry it was helpful having over a year’s worth of work experience and most importantly, it taught me how to operate/behave in a workplace. The real meat of a CV are the experiences and in my view this trumps an exhaustive list of higher education (MBAs, PhDs).

    On a day to day basis, experience and education are equally balanced – both are needed to be promoted in PR.

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